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Automotive Ceramic Coatings in North Wales

Ceramic coatings are the ultimate way of protecting your new or used vehicle. Here at Wizards of Wax, we can offer the very latest ground-breaking, ceramic coatings from Ultimaxx. Using Ultimaxx Ceramics products, we can give you the ultimate protection for your car, bike, boat, or caravan.

No exaggerated claims, all the very latest professional ceramic coatings from Ultimaxx. Our reputation speaks for itself, with most of all our work coming from satisfied customers, who return to us time and time again.

Nanotechnology has moved a long way since its inception. Our Ultimaxx coatings give maximum results with ultimate longevity from 12 months to 4+ years. All coatings are of a very high solid content, they give an extremely high roll of angles or beading angles. The coatings are very fast curing allowing us to turn your vehicle around in a much less time for you.

Long Lasting

Our Ultimaxx ceramic coatings are extremely thick, which give a superior gloss/finish, and our multistage Ultimaxx ceramic coatings will keep on protecting for many years to come.

Glass Surfaces

Our glass guard gives the glass areas on your car, fantastic clarity, which aids the drivers vision, giving a great safety feature, this product will keep on working for up to 2 years.

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Interior Surfaces

Our interior plastic and leather ceramics give a very silky and smooth feel to them, including the door cards which are very prone to getting wet. Our ceramic queen product will keep your interiors looking and feeling fantastic.

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Exterior Plastics

Exterior plastics and body mouldings are also catered for. With our finest Ultimaxx ceramic bodyguard spray, this will keep the condition of the plastics a very deep lustre, and with a finish of a true ceramic coating.

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Call us on 07736 844830 or email us for further information on coating services that we can provide. Here we can advise you which is best for you and then we can make an appointment to have your vehicle booked in, giving you peace of mind your car will receive the very finest protection and level of care we provide at Wizards of Wax.